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  • 10 vibes for Burdur

    like locals

    Salda Lake; Visit Salda Lake, one of the most important natural wonders of Burdur, and swim in its clear turquoise waters, observe the magnificent sunsets or sunrises or take great photos on the lake’s white beaches.

    Lavender Valley; Offering a visual feast of purple flowers and one of the largest lavender gardens in Türkiye and Europe, Akçaköy takes its place among the most important natural beauties of Burdur. Here you can enjoy a splendid view and take great pictures.

    Sagalassos Ancient City; Explore the ancient city of Sagalassos, the city of Emperors, which is on the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Enjoy the beauty of the Antonine Fountain and, while passing from the Neon Library to the ancient theatre, drink the healing waters from the historical Hellenistic fountain, which has been flowing from its source for centuries.

    Kibyra Ancient City; You can go to the Gölhisar district to visit the ancient city of Kibyra, the city of gladiators and fast horses included in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and visit the unique Medusa head mosaic and the monumental structures.

    İnsuyu Cave; Do not leave the area without a trip to İnsuyu Cave, the first cave opened for tourism in Türkiye, and at an altitude with clean, fresh air.

    Burdur Archaeological Museum and Natural History Museum; A visit to the Burdur Archaeological Museum is highly advised. It is one of the most important museums in Türkiye and received the “Museum Worth Visiting Award” from the European Museum Forum in 2008. Also, visit the Natural History Museum to see the Southern Mammoth.

    Incir Inn and Susuz Inn; You can see İncir Inn and Susuz Inn, which are masterpieces of Seljuk architectural style, in the Bucak district.

    Mansions in the Burdur City Center (Bakibey Mansion, Taş Oda, Piribaşlar House, Mısırlılar House), Grand (Ulu) Mosque and its Surroundings and the Clock Tower; You can come across traces of the past in the historical mansions in the Burdur city centre, including Bakibey Mansion, Piribaşlar House, Mısırlılar House and Taş Oda. Sample local delicacies such as Burdur walnut paste, hemp halva and poppy halva at the shops along the way to the Grand (Ulu) Mosque, and experience the historical and local texture. While you are here, buy an Alaca weaving, unique to the region.

    Lisinia Nature; Come to Lisinia Nature to see rehabilitated wild animals and breathe the wonderful fragrance of lavender and roses.

    Karacaören Dam Lake; You can take a boat tour in the Karacaören-II Dam, a unique landscape where blue and green embrace.

    Serenler Hills; The hills that dominate the city in the centre of Burdur offer splendid views of the city and the lake. You can dine or enjoy a coffee while gazing at the vistas by climbing either of the hills.

    Burdur Alaca Weaving; You can purchase various products such as shawls, dresses and tablecloths woven in the Burdur pied-de-poule style, which is a unique local weaving type.

    Burdur Market; You can discover local, organic products on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Burdur Skewer Meatballs (Şiş Köfte); One of Burdur’s registered flavours, this dish is distinguished by its ingredient of the meat from goat or cow ribs.