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    in Burdur

    First Day

    There is much to discover in Burdur. After a delicious local breakfast, you can begin exploring Burdur from the city centre, which features works that beautifully reflect the cultural heritage and historical texture of the region. At the Burdur Archaeological Museum, one of the richest museums in Türkiye, you can get information about the history of the region and see valuable artifacts from the mounds of Hacılar, Kuruçay, Höyücek and the ancient cities of Boubon, Kibyra, Sagalassos, Kremna. Another historical building in the garden of the museum is the Pirkulzade Library, one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture.

    In the city centre of Burdur, there are magnificent structures to see, including an Ottoman mansion, a mosque, a clock tower, and a Turkish bath. The next stop after Burdur Archaeology Museum will be the 14th-century historical Burdur Grand (Ulu) Mosque and Clock Tower. From here, walk to the Taş Oda Mansion, another of the historical buildings and one of the most beautiful examples of 17th-century classical Ottoman architecture. You can also have a coffee in the garden of the mansion. After the Taş Oda Mansion tour, there is Bakibey Mansion, an elegant example of 17th-century Ottoman architecture and Çelikbaşlar House, a traditional Turkish house in the garden of the mansion located in the centre of Burdur and visited with interest by history and architecture enthusiasts. After, don’t forget to see Piribaşlar and Mısırlılar House, the Grand Vizier Derviş Mehmet Pasha Library, Hocabali Bath and Sheikh Sinan Mosque. In addition to these riches, you can observe the fossil remains in the Burdur Natural History Museum. Enjoy local delicacies such as Burdur walnut paste, hemp halva and poppy halva at shops located along your way. Don’t forget to buy Alaca woven products, which are handcrafted fabrics unique to the region.

    In the afternoon, you can visit İnsuyu Cave, Türkiye’s first cave open to tourism. After the cave, visit Sagalassos Ancient City, located in the district of Ağlasun and included in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Sagalassos, one of the best-preserved ancient settlements in Asia Minor, you can see the world’s highest-altitude antique theatre and the magnificent Antonine Fountain, which has been flowing for 2,000 years, as well as many other valuable artefacts.

    Start your journey to the Bucak district to see İncir Inn and Susuz Inn, masterpieces of the Seljuk architectural style. Before returning to Burdur, enjoy dinner in the Bucak City Forest, where the Onaç Dam is located, accompanied by a magnificent view.

    Or, if you wish to dine in the Burdur city centre, you can discover many traditional dishes, especially Burdur Şiş (skewers), in the local restaurants. In addition, you can attend special evening events organized in Burdur and become better acquainted with the culture of the Teke Region as you listen to local music and watch folk dances.

    Second Day

    On the second day of your Burdur tour, you can go to Lisinia Nature, on the shore of Lake Burdur. One of Türkiye's first Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres, Lisinia Nature offers visitors a pleasant time amid nature.  Especially if you visit the region at the end of June and early July, you can take beautiful photos and enjoy the magnificent view of Akçaköy Lavender Valley. From here, you can go to Salda Lake, one of the natural wonders that is closely associated with Burdur. The Salda Ski Center on Eşeler Plateau, about 20 minutes from Salda Lake, is among the ideal skiing destinations in the region. If you are visiting in the winter, you can ski in the centre surrounded by lush forests and accompanied by a unique lake view.

    Be sure to add Kibyra Ancient City, located in Gölhisar district, one of the most valuable historical heritages of Burdur and included in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2016, to your Burdur travel route. The largest Odeon in the world, featuring a mosaic of the head of Medusa on the floor of the stadium and the orchestra section. This is one of the most magnificent stadiums in Anatolia, a place where gladiators fought in antiquity, and can definitely be counted among the unique historical buildings to see in Kibyra.

    Before returning to the city centre of Burdur, you can eat Gölhisar roast (Gölhisar kavurması) for dinner and reenergize with a local black cumin coffee. Be sure to check out products made from İbecik cloth, a traditional woven fabric unique to the Gölhisar İbecik village, and the İbecik dolls.

    In the evening, you can attend special events organized in Burdur in the evenings and become better acquainted with the culture of the Teke Region while listening to local music and watching folk dances. If you dine in the Burdur centre, you’ll discover many traditional tastes, especially Burdur Şiş (skewers), in the local restaurants.

    Of course, two days are not enough to fully enjoy Burdur’s rich historical and cultural assets and its magnificent natural beauties – you may want to extend your visit or return for a longer time!