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    Weaving has been prevalent in Burdur’s handicraft production for 300 years.  Burdur Alacası and Burdur cloth, woven with cotton yarns on traditional looms, are among the oldest handwoven types in the region and the craft continues to the present. There are also hand-woven carpets and rugs in the city. In addition, İbecik cloth, unique to İbecik village, is one of the most important woven products of the region; the patterns of İbecik cloth feature numerous designs.

    Pied-de-poule Weaving 

    Burdur Alaca Weaving (Alaca Dokuma) was an important source of income for the province until the 1950s.  Pied-de-poule, a unique style of weaving, is used to produce tablecloths, scarves, shawls, göynek, loincloths, hand cloth, napkins, towels and so on. These items are available in the market.

    İbecik Cloth 

    İbecik cloth (İbecik Bezi) is unique to the village of İbecik. Woven on wooden looms, Ibecik cloth is woven into headscarves, tablecloths, coffee table covers, shawls, curtains, and dresses.

    İbecik Doll

    In the village of İbecik, outfits known as three skirts (üç etek) are placed on dolls in to keep our historical culture alive. These quaint dolls dressed in three skirts are popular among domestic and foreign tourists.


    Pottery is an ongoing handicraft in the village of Mamak in the Ağlasun district. Pots, handmade by pottery masters, attract attention from collectors and enthusiasts.


    Located in the Salda Tourism Centre on Eşeler Plateau, about a 20-minute drive from Salda Lake, the Salda Ski Resort (Salda Kayak Merkezi) features a total of five runs at different levels, ranging in length from one to 1.6 kilometres. Suitable for daily or overnight visits, the ski resort has terrain suitable for skiing at 5-10-15-20 kilometres. The facility includes one snow track, two snowmobiles, a six-room guesthouse, and a 260-square-meter cafeteria where ski equipment and clothing can also be rented. In addition, there’s a two-person tele ski that reaches the top at 860 meters. Salda Ski Centre surrounded by lush forests, offers the opportunity to ski with a unique lake view.


    The areas in front of the R/L station on the road to Avşar Hill, south of Lake Burdur and the Salda Ski Centre in the centre of Burdur, are take-off flight zones.

    Bird Watching

    Bird watching is popular in Lake Burdur, Yarışlı Lake, Salda Lake, and other lakes.


    Burdur’s historical and cultural assets and natural beauties offer great potential for photo safaris.