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    Burdur has hosted many civilizations due to its geographical location and thus acquired a deep-rooted historical and cultural heritage. This heritage is of course reflected in the culinary culture.

    Burdur Skewer Meatballs 

    Burdur skewer meatballs (Şiş köfte) is a delicious meat dish originating in Burdur. The distinguishing feature of this dish is that it is made from the minced ribs of goat or cow. It is both delicious and easy to digest.

    Burdur Walnut Paste

    This dessert treat is unique to Burdur. The paste is prepared by mixing equal proportions of granulated sugar and hard wheat semolina and walnuts grown in the same region of Burdur. The locally grown products give this delicious and light dessert a unique flavour.

    Sakalçarpan Soup

    This soup prepared with pasta was called the “beard striker” in the past, because it was prone to hitting the beard; it is referred to as “leech soup” due to the similarities in a leech’s shape and that of the pasta in the soup. It can be eaten in certain restaurants of Burdur.

    Çavdır Kebab

    This delicious dish involves roasting the meat of a lamb or a young goat in a clay oven. It is available in the restaurants along the highway between Burdur Çavdır district and the Denizli-Antalya highway.

    Gölhisar Roast 

    Gölhisar roast (Gölhisar kavurması) is a dish that visitors to the Gölhisar district of Burdur should sample. It is made by grilling the meat of a cow or a sheep on a metal sheet.

    Burdur-Style Cheese and Minced Meat Pide

    In Burdur, cheese pide is made with a special cheese called “kelle”. This Burdur-style cheese and minced pide is usually available at restaurants in the city centre and the surrounding districts.

    Yeşilova Toast with Minced Meat

    This local specialty features toasted bread topped with special ground beef cooked with parsley, onion and red pepper. It is served with fried dried peppers specific to the region, the Yeşilova district of Burdur and around Salda Lake.

    Poppy Flakes

    These crispy treats are usually made with dough left over from bread making. The individual pieces of thin dough are sprinkled with poppy seeds and a little salt, and then baked. It is available at pastry shops and from walnut paste sellers in the Burdur city centre.

    Hemp Halva

    This local halva is made by roasting hemp in a pan and then cooking it with sugar and molasses. Walnuts are added and the halva is left to cool and set on a copper tray.

    Poppy Halva 

    This local halva is prepared by cooking poppy seeds with molasses. 

    Black Cumin Coffee

    This coffee, a specialty of Burdur’s Gölhisar district, is brewed in a porcelain cup, rather than a coffee pot. It is served with Turkish delight, dates and crushed roasted chickpeas.

    Lavender Products

    Lavender in flower features purplish, blue or red spike-shaped blooms. The fragrant plant is used in cosmetics, perfume and medicine. A range of lavender products are available in the Burdur city centre, Lisinia Nature Park and the Yeşilova district.