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    In recent years, lavender tourism has become quite popular in Burdur, due to the region’s bountiful lavender fields and an interest in lavender products. Lavender Valley in Akçaköy, Yeşilova district (Lisinia Nature) and Lavender Valley in Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University campus are among the largest lavender plantations in Türkiye. In addition, Burdur generates significant tourism, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to its lavender valleys diversified with areas such as Lavanta Hill in Yeşilova district.

    Akçaköy Lavender Valley 

    Akçaköy Lavender Valley (Akçaköy Lavanta Vadisi), in Akçaköy, Yeşilova district was implemented within the scope of the Lisinia Nature Project. It is one of the largest lavender gardens in Türkiye and Europe, with a cultivation area exceeding 1000 decares. Akçaköy Lavanta Valley draws numerous professional and amateur photographers, especially as it offers views from 12 different angles. The best times to visit Akçaköy Lavender Valley are at the end of June and the beginning of July.


    In the central district of Burdur, Lisinia Nature has planted splendid rose gardens around Lake Burdur, which attract visitors with their fragrance and beauty.

    Lavender and Aromatic Herb Garden

    In the village of Karakent, in Burdur’s central district, sage gardens are set next to lavender and rose gardens in Lisinia Nature, attracting visitors to their scent and enchanting colours.